Forming a company can be expensive. At Direct Payroll Services, you only pay what NYS charges.

This includes:

S-Corps, C-Corps, Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships, and LLC's.


If you want to form a business or need accounting services, look no further. Here at Direct Payroll Services, Inc. you get the whole package under one roof. Phil Ronzo has been an successful accountant for over 40 years. 


We prepare corporate and personal tax returns as well as trusts.


General Accounting is a simple process.

We log in the sales from the "z" reading or bank statements.

Then log in the expenses from the check register and cash receipts.

After we post the records, we prepare a profit and loss statement as well as a balance sheet.


We also do quartery sales taxes and reconcile the bank statements with the accounting records.


We file all taxes electronically and file for Employer Identifying numbers.


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