Human Resources

Outsourcing HR services can save the company time and effort while making sure that all essential functions are handled.Direct Payroll's human resource delivery team is unique in the PEO industry, matching the people-skills of HR professionals with the technical and strategic savvy expertise while providing comprehensive guidance and support for all areas. 

Company growth and evolution comes with unique challenges. Our services are designed to help companies at these important moments to boost their continued growth and success.


Access to Medical and Dental Insurance with rates more affordable than small business can get on their own


Free yourself so you can focus on what matters most,leave the tedious and complex work of filing, reporting and administrating business insurance to us

What Direct Payroll Services, Inc will do

Unemployment Claim Administration

Handling of Company Insurance Premiums

Process Company Audits

Workers Comp and Disability claims

Employment Verification

Employer Assistance with wage and hour laws

On board new employees

Administrate employee wage garnishments and deductions

Keep you informed of State and Federal Law changes

Receive compliance date reminders and labor law posters